Why dating sucks

At its best, dating is a process for discerning whether a guy is marriage-worthy or not. Unfortunately society tells us that it is OK for women to ask men out and living together before marriage is fine. These attitudes do not tend to lead to the flourishing of the sexes and society.
Dating is often disheartening. By today’s mores, it means finding someone who is good enough to sleep with for a while and then once someone gets bored with the other, move on to the next person.
Americans are conditioned to think nothing of having a long-term romantic partner that doesn’t lead to marriage. In some parts of the country it is still frowned upon for couples to live together indefinetely with no marriage in sight, but this is not the case for urban centers.
A better alternative is courtship, tho not the kind that is popular in certain Evangelical circles. Courtship is when a man becomes enamoured of a woman and does all he can to charm her and make her feel cherished. His ultimate goal is to convince her to want to spend the rest of her life with him.Little girls dream of their prince charming and their wedding day because instinctively they identify with the archetype of the kind, dignified princess who deserves a good, brave prince. Growing up should be about staying true to the essence of that dream while become the kind of woman who is courted by a good, interesting, kind man.The goal of society should be for men need to rediscover what manhood means so they can unlock the secrets to attracting good women, and women need to lay aside politically correct ideologies of what womanhood means so that they don’t make choices that will not make them happy.

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