Nagging young women’s boyfriends

Too bad we live in such an individualistic age that good common sense on behave of the community would be considered “paternalistic” and “intolerant”:

I am not terrifically thrilled by men who hunt for a girlfriend solely to have a girlfriend and then to string her along for years and years. That’s one reason why I think adult women (out of school) should start to re-evaluate her commitment to any boyfriend who has not mentioned marriage in a whole 12 months of dating.

It feels better to dump a guy for not getting to the point than to be dumped by a guy who has found “someone better”, that is for darn tootin’. And I think if all adult women (out of school) gave suitors no more than a year and a month to come to scratch, men would stop dragging their lazy man feet about marriage. I can just imagine it: lovely women, all shiny and new, intriguing, exciting and slightly mysterious for twelve months and then—RRRRRAAAAAH! Godzilla. Or at least a raised eyebrow and “Where is this going? Because if it isn’t going anywhere, buddy boy, I’ve got places to go, people to see and there’s this new guy in the parish who keeps looking up at me when I’m in the queue for Communion.”

Until women get that kind of gumption, however, I leave it to their neighbours, families and friends to start clearing their throats and making short but pointed observations to their long-term boyfriends.


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December 8, 2011 · 13:42

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