“Just friends” rarely remains so

Single men and women cannot be friends. At some point one of them is going to start being attracted to the other (usually, tho not always, the guy for the girl). This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can mean the end of the friendship if the romantic feelings are one-sided. On the positive side many great marriages have come about when friends fall for each other.

Go read the Ladder Theory for an explanation on how sexes view friendship with the opposite gender.



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9 responses to ““Just friends” rarely remains so

  1. I liked the video! Only thing is that I think you can be friends and attracted to each other while knowing you don’t have any real relationship potential and just resist the temptation of hooking up. I think that’s what the girls were getting at in the video. Know what I mean? That’s just me though.

    • Anna

      Ha, maybe. I don’t think the whole “resisting temptation because a relationships wouldn’t work out” thing matters to guys very much, tho. Generally speaking the female of the species decides whether there will be a relationship and what the parameters are. Men generally value friendship with women less than women value friendship with men.

  2. JW

    Sorry to be the dork here, but this is crying out for science. Polls. Numbers. Charts, if need be.

    Basically, I don’t buy it. For my own anecdote, I have female friends that I am not attracted to and that I would not hook up with given the chance (and believe it or not, I have had two memorable chances). It’s true that I sometimes have motivations beyond friendship, but it’s also true that sometimes I don’t.

    • Anna

      I think you should do a research study on how often friends end up as romantic partners. Maybe time for a survey on your blog?

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