Man Up

Too many decent men give up on dating.

I love the story of Albert Ellis. He was a renowned psychologist who was known for being charming with the ladies. He didn’t start off that way, tho. As a young man he had a crippling social phobia. So one day he decided to give himself an assignment. Every day that it didn’t rain, he would go out to the Bronx Botanical Gardens and sit on a bench next to a woman and talk to her. Out of the first 100 women he talked to he only got 1 date, and she never bothered to show up. But by continuing this exercise he got over his fear of rejection and gained confidence. You can read more about this here.

Now, I am not saying that men should learn to be confident so that they can go pick up women. There’s an entire industry based on teaching men to learn how to treat women like prostitutes without pay.

But men, decent men who do not want to treat women like that but still want to get married, need to learn not to give up so easily. There is such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If a guy believes a woman will never find him attractive, he will never attempt to pursue a woman. If he tries and is not successful right away, he retreats back to his work, solitary hobbies, and video games.

Guys, if you don’t put yourself out there because you fear rejection and failure, you are not men.

Some guys get really bitter and start hating women. They put the blame on women for their solitary state. This guarantees that they will never find a woman to date them, because no good woman will ever want to be with someone angry and bitter.

Look guys, man up. It’s your job to go out there, woo a lady, and persuade her to marry you. There are millions of good, attractive women just waiting for the man of their dreams to come into their life.

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