The Rules Chapter 3 & Chapter 4

If The Game is about teaching Beta males how to behave like Alpha males to get women to sleep with them, The Rules is about teaching Beta females to act like Alpha females. Acting like an Alpha female protects women from Alpha males who are out for One Thing and keeps them from settling for a Beta male.

Chapter III is a profile of a Rules girl. She is not particularly intelligent, pretty, or special but men fall for her. Why? When they express interest she doesn’t throw herself at them. She’s happy with her life and she has a busy schedule. She does not come across as needy or desperate. She is content independently from men’s attention.

Beta females (The Rules do not use this term) are overly friendly, they talk too much, they try to be friends with men. The mystery is gone. They don’t have Game.

Chapter IV would like you to think of yourself as a product. Products are for selling, so this makes me inherently uncomfortable because we are dealing with people, and I don’t believe in selling people. However, there is such a thing as signaling. And with signaling, you are conveying information to the world about who you are.

Rules Girls take care of their appearance. They dress feminine, wear their hair long. They eat right, exercise, wear makeup because it makes them feel better about themselves and that helps them come across as happy and confident. I think you should do whatever makes you feel happy and confident, even if that means getting a pixie cut.

And now, one of my favorite paragraphs in the entire book:

Men like women who are neat and clean. They also make better mothers of their children – the kind who don’t lose their kids at the beach.

So ladies, be neat and clean and do The Rules so that you don’t signal to men that you would let his progeny get lost while on vacation.



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3 responses to “The Rules Chapter 3 & Chapter 4

  1. JW

    That is funny because of its absurdity but also because it’s kind of true. I had a girlfriend who was rather… clumsy?… (she would regularly do things like burn herself cooking or back into a mailbox) and it did actually raise concerns about marriage potential and I suppose unconsciously mothering potential.

  2. Harry

    If men had spent the last 1,000 years sitting at home raising the children they would have invented 100x the amount of stuff they already have.

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