Passion is rooted in genuine friendship

This is my view of passion: It is rooted in genuine friendship. Chemistry may be two strangers exchanging smoldering looks – but passion has to be able to survive at least a twenty-minute conversation! I feel sorry for young people trying to find a true and lasting love in this age of the excruciatingly casual hook-up.

– Helen Simonson



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4 responses to “Passion is rooted in genuine friendship

  1. Indeed. We live in such an awful time…

  2. (In terms of the era of the hook-up, of difficulties between the sexes relating to each other, etc.)

    • Anna

      I know of men who causally sleep with women who say what they really want is a lasting relationship. But the tactics used to casually bed a woman are not the tactics that you use to court and marry a woman! But they don’t want to stop the sex supply long enough to wait for the real thing…

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