– #1 Marriage killer, with further thoughts by the New Noblewoman.

– The problem with dating sites.

– Some good thoughts on the manosphere from a Catholic woman’s perspective.

So what’s the matter with the manosphere?

Like most reactionary philosophies, an undercurrent of anger informs its theories and practices. The manosphere is not just pro-man; it is really mad at women.

That has certainly been my experience.




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  1. Not everyone in the manosphere is the same; while there are some individuals on some blogs who are sadly inclined towards misogyny, they are by no means representative of the whole. Many others of us are not mad at women in general, but we certainly are hopping mad about feminism, and societal misandry, and we damn well have good reason to be.

    As for Ms. Duffy, Dalrock has her number:

    See especially the comments by Brendan in both comment threads; he is the brightest, most eloquent, and most fair-minded, man in the manosphere – and he’s an Eastern Orthodoxer just like you, FWIW.

  2. Anna

    Almost everyone has a case for being victimized in some sense (er… why do you think feminism came about in the first place?). I find the Manosphere largely off-putting because frankly, don’t you men have anything better to do with your time than complain about how mistreated you are? I confess I could only stomach so much of Patricionary, so if that is not the focus, then please do let me know. I much prefer men-oriented sites like Art of Manliness that are frank about the problems of feminism & general society but mainly focus on how to be manly. Being whiny isn’t the focus. The site’s identity is based upon things that they perceive to be good and true, not in opposition to something. I dislike anything that primarily identifies in opposition to something.

    Another thing about feminism. You know, there are some women who really can’t stand to be under anyone’s thumb and those women should think twice about getting married. However, most women (especially Christian women) really are just looking for a good man to marry (become life partners in the truest sense). So the lack of charity in the manosphere, the sweeping assumptions that are made about women, is very, very troublesome to me.

  3. Feminism’s case for being victimized was largely B.S. No, we at Patriactionary don’t generally go in for ‘whiny’. But we will observe, and recognize, injustice in the form of societal misandry, so it can be called out and combatted.

    You may have noticed our subheading “Old, Strong Religion” – that is what we stand for, and define ourselves thus, rather than merely in terms of what we’re against.

    We like the Art of Manliness, too; we have them on our blogroll.

    I’m not saying the manosphere is perfect, without problems. But there are many men out there who have been screwed over and had their lives ruined by their now ex-wives (who left them with the kids, for whom they still have to provide even if they have no access to them whatsoever, because the courts that enforce child support don’t enforce visitation), and their bitterness is understandable, even if it goes too far. I encourage you to read the links at Dalrock that I provided, including the comments, if you wish to understand.

  4. “I confess I could only stomach so much of Patricionary, so if that is not the focus, then please do let me know.”

    I will admit that we can be rough, but we do not hate women. Most of my posts are more paleoconservative-oriented, not Manosphere oriented. The posts that are Manosphere orientated are not hateful towards women.

    I would refer to us as Traditional Christian Paleoconservatives. We, just like Will mentioned, stand for “Old, Strong, Religion” and a sane society.

    While we are anti-feminist, we are not misogynist. We are pro-patriarchy and that is one of our main stances.

    “So the lack of charity in the manosphere, the sweeping assumptions that are made about women, is very, very troublesome to me.”

    I will agree with you on that and I understand. That does seem to be the general case with many Manosphere sites.

    We are smart enough to realize that it is not within our interests as traditional Christian men to alienate traditional Christian women. Read this article by Gerry T. Neal:

  5. Our interests at Patriactionary are quite diverse: we’re Christian traditionalists, with interests in paleoconservative politics, manosphere issues, and we discuss current political / social happenings of various kinds; plus we have musical and photography interludes, poetry interludes even occasionally, and other various stuff. We try to not be only about one thing, and offer a variety of things.

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