How to tell if a woman is interested by her glance.

7 dating mistakes women make.

And its counterpart: 8 mistakes men make about women.

And from the dep’t of random: The MST3K guys take on “The Trouble with Women”.



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  1. MST3K rules. Funny clip.

    The look thing is interesting, but too complicated. There are better IOIs, like her playing with her own hair and smiling while she’s talking, fingers resting on your arm as she laughts, etc.

    The 7 dating mistakes women make is quite good.

    The 8 mistakes men make about women, I don’t think are all common mistakes (e.g. any guy who’s once negatively compared something cooked by his gf / fiancee / wife to the way his mom cooked it, knows better than to make that mistake again), or all relevant to Christians (only a cad would turn comforting a grief-stricken woman into an occasion to paw at her, most men know better; also, Christians who are faithful don’t need to know what turns on more than one person of the opposite sex, i.e. their spouse, so that tidbit that every woman is different, while quite likely true in most cases, isn’t necessarily all that relevant).

    • Anna

      Oh, yes, if she’d touches your arm, she likes you.

      • Roissy has a great list of “tells”, but I wouldn’t recommend you going there. Christian women don’t like him and for good reason. He’s easily worse than Tucker.

        As for tells themselves… most of them are pretty obvious.

        • Anna

          I’ve read some of Roissy’s stuff before. He’s smart but I can’t stand reading him.

          • Svar

            “I can’t stand reading him”

            That’s what damn near every Christian woman I’ve talked to about Roissy says. And I totally get that. The man has a way with words and reading too much of that stuff can really screw a guy up. I remember back when I used to read his site every single day…. I was such an asshole. Even more than I am now haha.

            • Anna

              From a woman’s perspective, I can tell you that it made me feel paranoid/depressed about being attractive to men, especially as I would age. So there was that. More subjectively, PUAs teach men how to treat women like prostitutes that you don’t have to pay. What’s attractive about that? Christian men should not be reading that site because it’s like drinking a nice tall glass of poison.

              “and reading too much of that stuff can really screw a guy up.” I have no doubt.

  2. Svar

    Roissy is more than just a PUA(I really dislike that term because I don’t see any art in all of this) and his blog does have a political nature and strong anti-leftism but not of the traditional conservative type(obviously). He does have some interesting insights. That being said, I do not read his sight anymore because I have no more need from it; I took the pearls from the slime and that’s all I need.

    One thing you need to realize, Anna, is that Roissy is describing a certain kind of woman(the type that give it up easy in DC). That’s the type of woman that he really knows. Many of his “tactics” work well(like teasing, holding frame, and being somewhat aloof at first) on all women. The rest is more specific to the women he knows. In the end, Roissy and the women he screws truly deserve each other.

    I agree that Christian men shouldn’t be reading that site. There are far better sites nowadays.

  3. I just had a thought; isn’t The Rules basically the girly-girl version of Roissy’s The Sixteen Commandments of Poon?

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