Marriage is for losers.

What’s it like to be in marriage where you’re not married to your “best friend“?

What engagement rings used to be good for.

Auntie Seraphic’s great take on a Protestant article that chastises single Christian women for not making marriage a priority and being picky. (Note: No commenting over there if you’re a guy).



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  2. Svar

    “(Note: No commenting over there if you’re a guy).”

    I commented there and I’m a guy, Anna. We men can do whatever we want!

  3. Yeah, why does she not allow commenting by men? I’m just curious; I know on her old blog, she did, and I corresponded with her, when she was Seraphic Single. Her business, of course.

    • Anna

      I think it’s fine to correspond with her. But I think she wants her Seraphic Singles blog to be a safe space for women. Just like Patriactionary is mostly for men to discuss various things, I suppose.

  4. I let some comments go through because I am not around every minute to stop them. And naturally I feel bad about deleting comments by long-time male readers. But some male readers (especially ones who come via Orwell’s Picnic, I suspect) really don’t have a clue and leave comments that upset my female readers. I’ve even had male readers who assumed a kind of familiarity with female readers just because the male readers have read their comments to me. And women don’t really like the kind of guys who need to hang around when the girls are talking about girl stuff and–let’s face it, my blog is very much about the girl stuff. Part of feminine modesty is waiting until the guys are gone before talking about our deepest fears and wishes. It’s nothing against men, who are great; it’s just that men and women are different and sometimes there should be woman-only spaces, just as there should be men-only spaces.

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