OSC takes on the movie Think Like a Man in his typical OSC-y way.

The science of sex. (Or, why women should protect their hearts by not sleeping with men who haven’t committed themselves to them).

Think you’d be happier as a stay-at-home mom? Probably not.

Think you’ll be happier married? Probably not.



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  1. So, taken together, sex before marriage will mess up your marriage, but don’t think you’ll be any happier married than you are before marriage, nor if, once married, as a woman, you choose to stay home with the kids rather than working.

    Rather depressing…

    I am skeptical about the two surveys, because anecdotal evidence I’ve heard from stay-at-home mothers has tended to support the view that they’re happier, esp. those who quit working to stay home with their kids. My own mother did so, and found it lowered her stress level greatly, which improved her health. And anecdotally, many married people I know seem to be happier than when they were single… So I have trouble buying those. I also suspect the factor of not having sex before married has an impact on the happiness level people feel after becoming married, versus how happy they were before they were married, too; I’m sure if one waits till one is married, one gets to enjoy that bonding experience with one’s spouse and have a higher level of overall happiness than if one gives in beforehand, thus either inhibiting one’s ability to bond to one’s spouse, or those bonds already having been built beforehand, removing the ‘specialness’ of the experience within marriage.

    But hey, these are just suppositions of mine, based purely on anecdotal evidence, with possibly huge sampling error, unbacked by science, so what do I know…

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