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Who spends more on dates? Of course, this has already been covered on Datingwise

How women ruin romance.

If you could be brutally honest with your S.O., what would you say?

10 horrible engagement rings.


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OSC takes on the movie Think Like a Man in his typical OSC-y way.

The science of sex. (Or, why women should protect their hearts by not sleeping with men who haven’t committed themselves to them).

Think you’d be happier as a stay-at-home mom? Probably not.

Think you’ll be happier married? Probably not.


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Marriage is for losers.

What’s it like to be in marriage where you’re not married to your “best friend“?

What engagement rings used to be good for.

Auntie Seraphic’s great take on a Protestant article that chastises single Christian women for not making marriage a priority and being picky. (Note: No commenting over there if you’re a guy).


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How to tell if a woman is interested by her glance.

7 dating mistakes women make.

And its counterpart: 8 mistakes men make about women.

And from the dep’t of random: The MST3K guys take on “The Trouble with Women”.


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From Front Porch Republic, a rebuttal to David Brooks’ optimistic take on people living alone.  As Auntie Seraphic likes to say, one of the two biggest temptations for single people is self-absorption.

Penelope Trunk is not the first place from which I’d recommend someone to get relationship advice, but her post on divorce is solid.

Interesting read on the dark side of being your husband’s “helpmeet”.

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– #1 Marriage killer, with further thoughts by the New Noblewoman.

– The problem with dating sites.

– Some good thoughts on the manosphere from a Catholic woman’s perspective.

So what’s the matter with the manosphere?

Like most reactionary philosophies, an undercurrent of anger informs its theories and practices. The manosphere is not just pro-man; it is really mad at women.

That has certainly been my experience.



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